Jibber AI with Rapid API Overview

Jibber AI is available as a cloud based SaaS via Rapid API.

RapidAPI is a platform that allows you to quickly and easily access and integrate with thousands of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) from various providers.


  • No Jibber AI components to install on your system, it's up and ready for you to use
  • Can be called from your computer or from another cloud application
  • Data is securely sent and recieved over https
  • Send up to 25k of text per request (25k is the equivalent of about 50 pages of single spaced text or 100 pages of double spaced text)
  • If you have more than 25k for a single request - we suggest you break it up into chunks

To access RapidAPI, here are the basic steps to get you started:

  • Sign up for a RapidAPI account
  • Subscribe to the Jibber AI API and choose your plan. You will receive an API key that you will need to use to authenticate your requests
  • You can then call the API from your chosen language. We have code examples for Curl, JavaScript, PowerShell and Python