Personally identifiable information (PII) Analyzer

PII detection is a process of identifying and categorizing sensitive information that can be used to identify a particular individual.

This information may include things such as name, social security number, and email address. PII detection is used to ensure the protection of sensitive information and prevent unauthorized access or use.

The detection process typically involves analyzing data to identify any instances of PII, and then taking appropriate measures to secure and protect the data.

Jibber AI currently supports 42 different PII types.

To help reduce false results:

- You can control which PII analysers to run.

- PII candidates that do not pass a checksum rules are automatically excluded.

- PII analyzers are combined with a list of keywords where the keyword needs to appear near the pii pattern to get a match.

The full list of PII analysers supported is shown below:

Australia bank account number
Australia business number
Australia company number
Australia drivers license number
Australia medical account number
Australia passport number
Australia tax file number
Canada bank account number
Canada drivers license number
Canada health service number
Canada passport number
Canada personal health identification number (PHIN)
Canada social insurance number
General Date Of Birth
General Email Address
General IP Address (V4)
General IP Address (V6)
General Payment Card
General Person Name
General Swift Code
Ireland drivers license number
Ireland passport number
Ireland personal public service (PPS) number
New Zealand bank account number
New Zealand drivers license number
New Zealand inland revenue number
New Zealand ministry of health number
New Zealand social welfare number
South Africa identification number
U.K. drivers license number
U.K. electoral roll number
U.K. national health service number
U.K. national insurance number (NINO)
U.K. Postcode
U.K. Unique Taxpayer Reference Number
U.S. ABA routing number
U.S. drivers license number
U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) number
U.S. individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN)
U.S. social security number (SSN)
U.S./U.K. bank account number
U.S./U.K. Passport Number

The response section for pii would look similar to below:

  "pii": {
        "value": "Julia Peach",
        "confidence": "medium",
        "start": 11,
        "end": 22
        "value": "",
        "confidence": "high",
        "start": 452,
        "end": 467
        "value": "02836886",
        "confidence": "medium",
        "start": 367,
        "end": 375
        "value": "NY138937D",
        "confidence": "medium",
        "start": 502,
        "end": 511